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One U.S. doctor has created an "antidote" to the Obamacare boondoggle

From Carpe Diem:
Here's one market-based antidote to Obamacare that would bring health care costs down. Let’s hope this is a trend that spreads nationwide…
In direct response to the upcoming avalanche of regulatory burdens that Obamacare will impose on small private practices (already coming out at a rate of several pages per week), a doctor in Maine - Dr. Michael Ciampi - has adopted a new business model for his medical practice: he no longer accepts Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, or any kind of third-party payment.
He expects cash payments at the time of service, just like you would pay to have your car serviced at your garage or car dealer, but he's been able to offer transparent and deeply discounted prices at 50% below his previous rates because his costs for paperwork and overhead are now so much lower.
Dr. Ciampi commented in the video that accompanies the news article that "I no longer work for insurance companies or the government, I work for patients. And to be honest, if more people did this we'd see...
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