One of the most dangerous bubbles in history is about to explode


From The Daily Crux:

Billionaire hedge fund manager and entrepreneur Peter Thiel - well-known for co-founding PayPal and his early investment in Facebook - just gave a great interview with National Review Online.

Thiel touches on a wide range of topics including technology, government, politics, and Wall Street... but his comments on education are not to be missed.

He believes we're in a huge higher-education bubble. It's extremely overpriced, extremely overbelieved, and just as big as the tech and housing bubbles of the recent past... but with potentially much greater consequences.

Unlike those earlier bubbles, this one has spread across income classes... And unlike the loans at the heart of the housing bubble, educational loans are practically impossible to escape, even with bankruptcy.

Read on to learn why he thinks the problem will soon come to a head, and what he thinks should be done to fix it.

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