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Nigel Farage: “We are run now by big businesses, big banks, and big bureaucrats”

If you want a lesson in courage… watch this brief Nigel Farage speech.

Most Americans are not familiar with Farage.  He’s a member of the European Union (EU) Parliament, from the United Kingdom.  Some have called him the “Ron Paul of Europe.”  That’s because, like Paul, he’s one of the few anti-statists who ever get elected into government.

In the clip below, Farage calls the EU out for what it is: a fascist collection of “big business, big banks, and big bureaucrats” out to create a “United States of Europe.”  The popular sovereignty of the individual European countries – and the will of their peoples – be damned.

Farage calls everyone’s attention to the secret hiding in plain view… that the decrees of supra-national bankers and bureaucrats override popular self-determination.

In late 2011, Greece’s former prime minister called for a national referendum on whether to reject an EU bailout.  Within 48 hours, European bureaucrats removed him from power and cancelled the vote.  They installed their own former Goldman Sachs puppet in his place (and did almost the exact same thing in Italy).

Make no mistake… Farage is attacking the most powerful people on the planet.  But that is the mark of a true statesman… doing the right thing for his constituents, not bowing to powerful special interests.  (Note how the others in the chamber remove their interpreter headphones… they don’t want to hear the truth Farage speaks to their power.)

But when the EU elections happen later this year… we’ll all be hearing a lot more about this issue.  Imposing unelected, former Goldman prime ministers on “sovereign” nations has shifted popular sentiment against the EU.  There will be a backlash throughout EU member states.

Expect this backlash to play out in the markets…



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