New technology is a small ray of hope for lovers of liberty and the Second Amendment

From Liberty Blitzkrieg:
"This isn’t 1994. The Internet happened since the last assault weapons ban. This is a fledgling tech, but look what we're able to do. We printed that magazine out."
- Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed
This article about the 3D-printing of gun magazines absolutely blew my mind and confirms what I had already suspected. There is no way gun confiscation or even restrictions will ever work in the United States.
As I have been saying from the beginning, we need to confront the root causes of violence in the country (gun or otherwise), not resort to ridiculous knee-jerk reactions that won't do any good anyway...
Over the past weekend, Defense Distributed successfully 3D-printed and tested an ammunition magazine for an AR semi-automatic rifle, loading and firing 86 rounds from the 30-round clip.
That homemade chunk of curved plastic holds special significance: Between 1994 and 2004, so-called "high capacity magazines" capable of holding more than 10 bullets were banned from sale. And a new gun control bill proposed by California senator Dianne Feinstein would ban those larger ammo clips again. President Obama has also voiced support for the magazine restrictions.
But Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson says he hopes the group's recent work demonstrates the futility of that proposed ban in the age of cheap 3D printing...
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