Doc Eifrig: This surprising factor can greatly increase your risk of pancreatic cancer

From Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA, editor, Retirement Millionaire:

Living in a cloudy climate is increasing your pancreatic-cancer risk

A new study from the University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center looked at pancreatic-cancer rates in 172 countries. The results – published in the April 30 Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – showed those people living closer to the equator had one-sixth the rate of pancreatic cancer compared with people living farther away from the equator.

The researchers looked at the ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation (how much sun each country gets) and found higher pancreatic-cancer rates where the UVB was lowest. While the study doesn’t prove that lack of sunshine causes pancreatic cancer, it strongly suggests a link between the two.

If you needed a reason to get more sun, this might be it: Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest cancer. Five years after their diagnoses, 94% of patients are dead. One reason may be that current screening tests for pancreatic cancer don’t detect it early enough. So, prevention is key…

While I don’t recommend most people take vitamin D supplements (considered the sunshine vitamin since it’s the main vitamin your skin produces from sunshine), it might be beneficial if you live in a cloudy climate. But don’t take more than 1,000 international units (IU) per day… Most supplements now start at 1,000 IU each. Longtime subscribers know the research on this fat-soluble vitamin is equivocal at best. Voodoo medicine and snake oil salesmen disguised as “doctors” are claiming you need thousands of units a day… Don’t believe them. Surfers who are out on the waves all day without a shirt don’t make half as much in their skin as the charlatans would have you take in a vitamin.

Be sure to pass this info on to anyone you think would benefit…

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