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New study finds expensive blood-thinning drugs may be unnecessary after all

From LewRockwell.com:
A report in the New York Times accuses Big Pharma of rigging the ineffectiveness of cheaper blood thinners like aspirin to covertly coerce doctors into prescribing more expensive pills like Plavix and Warfarin (coumadin).
The New York Times report emanates from a study published in Circulation, a journal of The American Heart Association, which found the problem of aspirin resistance, estimated to affect 5%-40% of aspirin users, is not physiological resistance at all but rather ineffectiveness caused by the enteric coating of the aspirin pills.
The researchers who made this discovery covered for the drug company by calling the problem "An Unintended Consequence of Enteric Coating Aspirin." But the New York Times article said "some prominent doctors say that the prevalence of the condition has been exaggerated by companies and drug makers with a commercial interest in proving that aspirin – a relatively iinexpensive, over-the-counter drug whose heart benefits have been known since the 1950s – does not always work."
In the first phase of the study, researchers gave plain aspirin to 40 subjects and found no aspirin resistance. Then in a second phase of the study...
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