Ron Paul: Congress shows bipartisan support for the Deep State

From Ron Paul at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

When it comes to bad foreign policy, the House and Senate are completely bipartisan. Yesterday’s 97-2 Senate vote for more Russia sanctions was a perfect case in point. What justifies yet more sanctions on Russia? Violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine, meddling in the U.S. election, and conducting war in Syria.

But if this is the measure, shouldn’t the Senate sanction the U.S. government as well? After all, the U.S. is violating Syria’s territorial integrity with its illegal base, it has meddled in more than 100 elections since 1945, and it has been fighting a proxy (and real) war against the Syrian government since 2011. But the Deep State wants another Cold War, so (with two brave exceptions) the Senate abides.

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