MarketCast: Why tech keeps dominating the broader bull market

From the Stansberry NewsWire team:

In this week’s Investors MarketCast, the team recaps last week’s market movements, and Scott notes that the gains are concentrated around a small group of stocks…

AMZN up 55% for the year, and NFLX almost 100%, as the tech-laden Nasdaq outpaces the S&P 500 by almost 3-to-1 so far, this year. Scott and John discuss what that could mean for the S&P 500… Could it go as high as 2850?

Once again, headlines from the week included trade wars with China, a standoff with the European Union and NATO, and President Donald Trump’s meetings with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting that could have an effect on oil that no one seems to be taking about. John and Scott discuss why the markets are beginning to shrug off these headlines, and where to focus next.

The team also discusses earnings season expectations, the Fed, and why certain factors are pushing us closer to an inverted yield curve…

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