MarketCast: Buffett’s advice you can use today

From the Stansberry NewsWire team:

In this week’s Investors MarketCast John asks Scott and Greg about Warren Buffett’s Apple (AAPL) purchase, and what it says about today’s investment opportunities.

Greg tells you why AAPL is one of the only tech stocks to rally after earnings and reveals the one simple Buffett “rule” that’s served Berkshire Hathaway well for decades.

John wonders if Elon Musk was vaping during his most recent earnings call, while Greg speculates that there is only one reason Tesla (TSLA) is still in business.

Scott and Greg give you a couple reasons why China could win in a trade war and discuss the unintended consequences of rising interest rates on emerging markets.

And John offers Bill Gates help with shorting bitcoin, while Scott breaks down the current M&A environment and tells you what the Fed is willing to do to let the economy continue to run hot.

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