Self-made millionaire: This is my favorite way to own gold

From Mark Ford, Founder, Palm Beach Research Group:

My decision to buy gold 12 years ago has made me and my family much wealthier. But that’s not why I did it.

I bought those gold coins to protect my family and our wealth.

I’ve been a businessman and an investor for almost 40 years. And I’ve been inside the investment advisory business for about 30.

During that time, I’ve made most of the basic money mistakes you can make. I’ve also seen friends and family members lose their wealth dozens of times.

Had they followed the plan I’ll lay out for you today, they could have avoided – or offset – these losses.

So how can you lose your wealth? Here are just a few ways…

  • Regulators can confiscate your stocks and bonds – and even your cash – for all sorts of political, commercial, or bureaucratic reasons.
  • Banks can seize your real estate if you can’t meet your mortgage payments.
  • Brokerages can collapse, wiping out your retirement accounts.
  • Any wise-guy lawyer can sue you, win a judgment, and then put a lien on your property. He can also take your salary.

But you won’t have to worry about any of these circumstances when you own gold.

Gold is the ultimate safe haven for your wealth.

It is the single best way you can protect yourself against all the major forces of wealth destruction for three reasons: Gold is tangible. It’s portable. And, in most cases, it’s private.

Tangibility matters. Your stocks and bonds exist on an electronic spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is the property of some huge financial institution. What if it disappeared? It’s not likely, I know, but it’s still a possibility. When it comes to protecting what I have, my risk tolerance is zero.

Portability matters, too. Real estate is a tangible asset, but it is not portable. If, for some reason, you wanted to get out of the country, you couldn’t take your property with you. And since real estate is non-portable, you can’t protect it from confiscation, either. I know hardworking people who have lost their homes to fraud. One day, they owned them, and the next day, they didn’t.

Privacy is also important. The other problem with real estate (and many other forms of tangible wealth) is that it’s public. Clerks record and preserve every real estate transaction you make for anyone to see. With a working knowledge of Google, your neighbors can study your real estate and see what you paid for it.

None of these problems exist with the gold coins I typically recommend.

You can buy them, hold them, or sell them… without anyone knowing what you are doing. Since they are small, you can transport them discreetly.

You can carry $20,000 worth of gold in a pair of jeans – and $1 million worth in a carry-on bag. Plus, you can ship gold coins on a plane or a boat or by parcel post.

Owning tangible gold coins is how I protect my family’s wealth. I suggest you do the same.


Mark Ford

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P.S. We recently shared an interview with one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and silver coins, Van Simmons. In it, he explains the best rare coin values on the market today. Get all the info here.

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