How to make 30 times more income than a savings account or ‘CD’

From Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA in Retirement Millionaire Daily:

Investors were terrified of “buying at the top”…

The market had just rallied big-time from its February lows. The risks seemed (and still seem) bigger than ever…

  • The Federal Reserve was talking tough about raising interest rates… which have been historically low for historically long.
  • Oil prices had collapsed to multi-year lows. And…
  • There was a lot of uncertainty (and still is) about whether the United Kingdom will stay in or leave the European Union.

But a set of exclusive indicators told a different story

It’s a way that I’ve found that can help you multiply the income you receive from the type of investments you already own.

I’m NOT talking about using options or any other “exotic” investment…

Instead, my strategy uses a set of proprietary “Income Triggers” to pinpoint the right time to buy and sell any income investment. Following these triggers will maximize your gains in these vehicles.

It’s simply a remarkable way to time your investment decisions… and maximize your income stream… with as much precision as is possible in this world.

I personally use this strategy. The extra income I get pays for my expenses – my travel, my hobbies, maintaining multiple homes around the country – plus more.

As I said earlier, this set of indicators flashed “opportunity” a few weeks ago

And since then, stocks rallied nearly 3.1%, real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) went up 0.16%, master limited partnerships (“MLPs”) are up 8.8%, and even municipal bonds rose 0.5%.

All the chilling headlines out there cause many investors to get scared and abandon their investment strategies.

The best playbook in times like these? Stick with what works.

We built our Triggers around two important ideas: Good yields lead you to undervalued assets, and momentum in prices tends to continue.

Let me show you the power of these Triggers…

When you see a green arrow, that represents a great time to buy…

It means that the asset is paying a higher yield than it has historically… and it means that there is likely more upside ahead. So you get the best of both words… bigger yields, and higher capital-gain potential.

As you can see, this indicator nails the biggest rallies… and the sharpest market declines… It would have gotten you into dividend stocks in 2006… and out well before the crash in 2008.

And it would have got you back into income-paying stocks in early 2009, just at the start of the big run-up.

Of course, these Triggers work with more income investments than just stocks

For example, right now, one of our Triggers shows that you have a rare opportunity to lock in a relatively safe 7.5% yield from a niche in the bond market…

That’s 30 times more than what most savings accounts and certificates of deposit (“CDs”) pay. And it’s at least five times more than what most government bonds pay.

These Triggers form a major part of my Income Intelligence service. If you’re already a subscriber, you know that it’s unlike any other income-focused research service out there.

For example, when Goldman Sachs or Chase Manhattan (two banks where I used to work) want to know where to find the safest yields in the markets, they have sophisticated databases they refer to, with information on every corner of the income-investing world.

But nothing quite like this was available to retail investors in America… at least, until we put this project together.

This service is far more comprehensive than any other income service out there.

It covers every single income investment in the U.S. markets – dividend stocks, MLPs, REITs, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and more.

The key is – at any given time – that you’ll know which of these investment classes is the best buy… and then which specific investment within that sector has the safest and highest yield.

If you’ve had the feeling that your investments aren’t generating enough income… that the money in your bank account isn’t paying you enough interest… then this service is for you.

To show the power of what Income Intelligence can do for your investments, I’ve put together a special report. To learn more, click here.

Here’s to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

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