Lawsuit Alleges Mafia-Like Tactics Aimed At A Disneyland Social Club

FromĀ The Two-Way at NPR:

There are a lot of ways to be really into Disney as an adult. You can go on a Disney cruise, attend the three-day Disney convention, or get married at one of the parks.

Suddenly, in 2013, a whole new vein of fandom sprouted: Disneyland social clubs.

Like an oddly wholesome motorcycle gang, members wear denim vests festooned with Disney trading pins on the front. On the back are patches bearing the image of their club’s totem character. Many members own annual passes and visit Disneyland frequently.

Some members have tattoos of Walt Disney himself…

But according to a lawsuit filed in September in Orange County civil court and updated last week, one of the clubs used tactics more associated with the Mafia…

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