Jim Chanos: We think Tesla is worth zero

From CNBC:

Famed short seller Jim Chanos took another shot at Tesla on Thursday, saying the company’s equity is worth nothing.

“Let’s just say Tesla and Mr. Musk have a broad interpretation of the truth,” Chanos, founder of Kynikos Associates, told CNBC’s Kelly Evans. “There have been all kinds of announcements that this company has made … that turned out not to be true.”

Chanos mentioned the unveiling of Tesla’s electric Semi truck and roadster last month as examples. The short seller noted that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said “the Semi would be available in 2019 and the roadster in 2020. Where is he producing those? Those production lines have to be up and approved years before we get into production.”

Read the full story at CNBC hereā€¦

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