It’s a dangerous moment in history

From Dan Ferris, Editor, Extreme Value:

Dan Ferris is the editor of Extreme Value, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on some of the safest and yet most profitable stocks in the market: great businesses trading at steep discounts…

Dan joined Stansberry Research in 2000. He became editor of Extreme Value in 2002. His strategy of finding safe, cheap, and profitable stocks has earned him a loyal following – as well as one of the most impressive track records in the industry.

As a result of his work in Extreme Value, Dan has appeared on Money With Melissa Francis and The Willis Report on Fox Business News, as well as The Street with Paul Bagnell on Business News Network.

Crux note: It’s a dangerous time to be an investor… And mainstream wisdom won’t save you…

That’s why Dan enjoys his simple, private life in the Pacific Northwest… where he ignores the talking heads, mass advertising, Wall Street chatter… and all the passing fads of the investment world…

But when a rare opportunity pops up – like the one he recently found – Dan wanders out of his comfort zone to share his discovery with like-minded investors. He’s calling it the “No. 1 stock recommendation” of his 20-year career… Discover it for yourself by clicking here

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