Another study confirms: These popular heartburn pills could kill you

From Amanda Cuocci at Retirement Millionaire Daily:

Today, we again address one of our most divisive topics… the dangers of heartburn drugs.

Every time we talk about heartburn medication, we get a flood of messages from readers.

Some are angry e-mails from folks telling us they need Prilosec to eat all the foods they love… others are from misguided doctors warning us we’re scaring folks unnecessarily… while our favorites are from readers who have taken matters into their own hands, offering suggestions for things that helped their heartburn without taking pills.

For example, Susan M. wrote in earlier this year to tell us what happened after she was diagnosed with acid reflux…

Three different doctors tried to give me free samples of pills, without doing any medical tests. It was a knee-jerk diagnosis.

Here’s the thing… Few people actually need the powerful proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid, or Nexium. According to one study in the BMJ, about 60% to 70% of folks taking these pills don’t meet the diagnostic criteria.

Many folks are popping these pills ­before trying more appropriate methods for mild to moderate heartburn… like changing eating habits and losing weight. And it’s costing them their health – and even their lives.

Research has linked PPIs to everything from heart attack to dementia risk. And a new study out this week demonstrates PPIs also raise the risk of stomach cancer. This is particularly true for long-term use. With PPIs available over the counter, overuse is a major problem.

Make sure you fully understand the risks before taking these drugs. There are some folks who need PPIs for specific stomach issues… Still, they should be a last resort. And be sure to understand all the risks and protect yourself. Probiotics, staying active, and weight-bearing exercise should be part of your regular routine for a healthier life.

Watch the full video below…

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