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Surprise! One swipe, bank account drained.

It’s frightening to see just how easy it is for crooks to steal your money and your identity these days…

The news clip below shows how one man can use a $100 device to “pickpocket” you… without ever touching your wallet.  The device exploits credit cards with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Chances are good you have one of these. Over one billion cards — one third of all credit and debit cards — utilize RFID (go to 2:38 in the clip to see how to recognize an RFID card). One quick swipe with the device gives the thief your name, credit card information, and expiration date.

Thieves can then “clone” your card and implant the information into another card, like a hotel room key. Fast forward to 3:35 to see how easy it is to make purchases with the cloned card. The gaping security hole in your wallet will shock you. Watch at 4:50 to see how you can protect yourself from this threat.



Crux note: Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA, has warned readers of his Retirement Millionaire advisory about the many threats facing their digital lives. His research team compiled a special report he calls The Easy Way to Maintain Your Privacy in America. It shows the simple steps everyone can take to safeguard their online and physical security. This includes the identifying the number one way people get their information hacked (hint: it’s not what you think) and the simple way to avoid these types of vulnerabilities. You can gain access to this vital information, 100% risk free, by clicking here.

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