Stansberry Investor Hour: How to start a financial revolution

Crux note: This is Part 2 of a Stansberry Investor Hour series on “The Best of Bitcoin.” You can catch up with Part 1 right here.

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

There’s little doubt that one topic dominated financial headlines in 2017… and it took most investors by complete surprise. Bitcoin’s parabolic rise from $997 on January 1, 2017 to almost $20,000 has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s been a hot topic on the Stansberry Investor Hour for months. 

In Part 2 of “The Best of Bitcoin,” you’ll hear from legendary investor Jim Rogers as he gives you his take on cryptos and what he sees as some the biggest obstacles to bitcoin adoption and acceptance as a store of value. Financial publisher and commodities expert Dennis Gartman talks with Porter about how we’ll remember “Bitcoin Mania 2017” once it all goes bust, and Doug Casey draws a connection between the enormous growth in global outstanding debt and the exuberant interest in crypto assets.

Buck has an extensive interview with bitcoin expert and editor of Crypto Capital, Tama Churchouse. Tama breaks down the three types of crypto asset classes you need to know about to fully understand the form and function of bitcoin, blockchain, and the 1,300+ crypto tokens in circulation today.

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