MarketCast: Earnings week, interest rates, and a $4 billion buyback…

From the Stansberry NewsWire team:

Are we about to enter a “Golden Age” of value investing?

Dan Ferris, senior analyst and editor of the Extreme Value investment research service, joins the show to discuss a potential inflection point in the markets between growth and value.

He also reveals one sector that’s poised to turn into a classic value play. It’s a boring area of the economy that’s seeing a competitive advantage and increased demand from energy companies.

Scott and John review a huge week of earnings with highlights from Google, Apple, Facebook, and more. What does Apple need to do to appease investors? And is Facebook back on track?

Greg reveals the one leading indicator he watches that’s been the most reliable in predicting short-term market direction. And John asks Greg about interest rates and the upcoming Fed meeting… Are higher rates going to destroy the stock market bull?

The team also answers a listener’s question about growth in cybersecurity stocks… Which companies are the dominant players in protecting you against hackers?

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