Stansberry Investor Hour: How and why bitcoin will go mainstream

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

There’s little doubt that one topic dominated financial headlines in 2017… and it took most investors by complete surprise.

Bitcoin’s parabolic rise from $997 on January 1, 2017 to almost $20,000 this year has been nothing short of spectacular. In part 1 of the Best of Bitcoin, you’ll hear from Wall Street Journal senior writer Paul Vigna, author of the Age of Cryptocurrency and the upcoming Truth Machine. Paul helps you understand the origins of Bitcoin and how the underlying decentralized blockchain technology running it has the power to reinvent traditional financial and social structures.

Porter interviews permabear David Tice who tells you why he thinks Bitcoin is real, why it’s here to stay, and how it offers a complete paradigm shift for how businesses can operate. Tama Churchouse, editor of Crypto Capital and senior analyst at Stansberry Churchouse Research joins Buck and Porter to tell you exactly why Asia is the melting pot of crypto activity, how to get started in Bitcoin, which crypto assets to watch, and why learning the difference between Bitcoin, blockchain, and token function is crucial before investing in the crypto space.

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