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From Doug Casey in The Gold Report:
Doug Casey's latest book, Totally Incorrect, gathers his iconoclastic views in a tidy package to stimulate and possibly dismay readers. In an interview with The Gold Report, Doug elaborates on some of his most radical ideas and offers his view of where the markets are likely to head in 2013.
The Gold Report: Doug, you have a new book out called "Totally Incorrect: Conversations with Doug Casey." In one of those incorrect conversations with Louis James you said, "It's not the U.S. economy that's facing a fiscal cliff, it's the U.S. government. People equate government with the economy. They are entirely two different things. The only way to revitalize the U.S. economy is through both vast reductions in taxes and vast reductions in government spending. Instead, these idiots are arguing over how much to raise taxes and how little they can cut spending." Now that we have avoided parts of the fiscal cliff and delayed addressing other parts, what are your observations?
Doug Casey: Nothing has changed. I am amazed to read about what is called a trillion-dollar platinum plan to get around Congress having to raise the debt ceiling. It's actually quite comical that some people are talking about it as a solution; it's Three Stooges economics.
My only question is: Why not make it a $10 trillion coin? That would solve the problem for several years, and release the government from even the fictional restraints on spending it now has. Actually, let's do $100 trillion; why deal in half measures?
It's all a ridiculous charade at this point, the precisely scripted Kabuki theater between the left and right wings of the Demopublican Party. The ending of the ridiculous drama is totally predictable.
The point is that...
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