Fukushima update: “Things are not getting better in Japan…”

From Washington’s Blog:

Things are not getting better in Japan.

As a nuclear expert said recently, the "reactors are almost in the same situation they were in the early days of the accident."

… Here are updates from the last couple weeks, courtesy of ENENews:

Electricity cut at Reactors No. 3 and 4, cooling systems shut down – TEPCO says no "major" change in radiation around plant.

Typhoon increases level of radioactive water in Reactor No. 1 basement by 17 inches in a day – Likely to continue rising. Now, over 1,300 cattle suspected of radiation contamination have been shipped.

NHK: "High levels of radioactivity found extensively" – Japan says air 150 km from Fukushima plant is as radioactive as areas close to meltdown.

Japanese nuclear expert warns of further radiation releases from Fukushima – Risks should be explained to…

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