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Four uncommon items to add to your disaster preparedness kit

Just a few weeks ago, Superstorm Sandy engulfed the east coast, destroying homes and wiping out entire communities. In the wake of 90 mph winds, torrential rains, and 13-foot storm surges, extreme weather preparedness is on everyone's mind.
Even if you don't live in a region typically affected by extreme weather, it's a good time to survey and upgrade your emergency weather kit. It's unlikely that you'll see any of the following items on traditional disaster or emergency preparedness list – but they'll definitely keep you safer during severe weather.
A Headlamp
To combat power outages, most emergency kits recommend a basic flashlight. But if you find yourself faced with week-long power outages like half of Manhattan was just last week, you're probably going to want another source of lighting in your home.
Though you may be tempted – avoid lighting candles. In the wake of a weather emergency, candles can cause more fires than anything else.
A much safer solution is to...
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