Four tricks to help your car through an unusually cold winter

From Eric Peters Autos:
"You think it's hard on you when it's 10 degrees outside?"
Think about your car.
You may feel cold. Your car is cold. If it's 10 degrees outside, that's the temperature of your car. Its engine. The oil in the engine. Everything else, too.
Now imagine being subjected to sudden extremes of pressure, friction, and rapid heating. Hammered by explosions, bathed in frigid oil. From stationary to more than a thousand up and down cycles every 60 seconds – and that's just at idle.
To even approximate this in human terms, you'd need to do something like jump into Lake Michigan buck naked in January – and breaststroke like Michael Phelps without showing any signs of strain.
I am grateful I'm not a piston...
And your car will be grateful if you're kind to it when it's cold. Gratefulness that will be expressed in longer life – and fewer problems during that life. Here's what you can do...
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