Four little-known tips for saving big money on car repairs

From Eric Peters Autos:
The wise mechanic says: Avoiding the need for repairs is the best way to save money on repairs. Here are a few tips and tidbits along those lines:

* Parking brake on first 
It's a small thing – but could save you a great deal of money. By putting the parking brake on before you put the gear shift lever into Park (or a manual transmission into Reverse – or whatever) you avoid using the transmission to hold the car's weight in place. You use the car's brakes instead – as the Motor Gods intended.
Many people make the mistake of putting the transmission into Park first – then engaging the parking brake. This may assure the car stays put – but it also assures tremendous loading of the transmission – which isn't good for it. Which ultimately means, not good for you.
* Idle it with the...
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