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Five painless ways to prepare for disasters and emergencies

From The Apartment Prepper's Blog:
Many people are still reeling from the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. As I write this post, thousands are still without electricity... and many areas are still so flooded, supplies cannot be brought in. Food and water have become scarce in many areas.
People may take a fresh interest in getting prepared for emergencies. But it can quickly get overwhelming for someone who is new to preparedness. I know, because I felt a lot of confusion when I first got started.
I also started buying up supplies and gear at a rapid pace and ended up regretting some of my rushed purchases. In hindsight, I would have gone a lot slower and more methodical. Before going out and spending money on emergency supplies, consider developing a few easy-to-adapt habits that not only will help you prepare for emergencies, but will help you in everyday living.
1. Keep your gas tank at least at half full. I used to let my gas tank run all the way down close to empty. Then the nerves would start getting frayed as I searched for a gas station wondering if my car would stall. Not anymore. Since I started preparing, I never let my gas tank run below a quarter, I prefer at least half a tank. This way, if there is ever an emergency, I know I can get in the car and at least get out of the city. And if the gas lines are too long, I don't have to worry about having to fill up right away.
2. Two is one...
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