Expert declares: A paradise for value investors

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

This week’s continued market sell-off had some high-profile casualties – and brings to mind a great Warren Buffett quote that, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who was swimming naked.”

One of the biggest casualties was beleaguered GE stock, down another 15% from just last week. Buck shares an amazing finding with Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris – turns out, if you’d bought GE in 1994 and held on, your shares would be worth the same amount of money today.

Dan thinks the worst may be yet to come. In fact, he says the stock has a chance of going to zero. “I’ve never said that before.”

Meanwhile, Amazon’s just decided which two locations in the country it will drop prosperity bombs onto by setting up its headquarters there, and Dan explains why its decisions make all the sense in the world for the company, and why the favors rained down on Amazon by state and local governments are nothing more than China-style crony capitalism.

The two are joined by this week’s podcast guest, Rahul Saragi, the founder and managing director of Atyant Capital Advisors. Over the last 14 years he’s focused exclusively on Indian markets and made it his mission to pinpoint the best 10-15 opportunities out of thousands of publicly traded Indian companies.

He’s calling India both “an unpleasant place to live,” and “a paradise for value investors” and is ready to explain why.

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