How to Trade a Bear Market

jeff_clarkYou cannot ride a bear.

Rodeo cowboys score points by staying on their bull as long as possible. And investors can profit by doing the same.

But a bear is a completely different animal. No cowboy is crazy enough to saddle up and try to ride a grizzly. Yet investors try it all the time – and they get mauled…

Bear markets are not for riding. They’re for trading.

After all, great traders don’t make their fortunes during boom times. They make their fortunes when things collapse.

While the first half of 2015 was pretty boring, the market has since turned violent. Investors are concerned about China, interest rates, and a handful of other issues.

But honestly, I’ve been looking forward to these conditions for months. Years even.

The Volatility Index (“VIX”), the primary gauge of fear in the markets, has jumped as much as 120% in recent weeks.

Investors are scared. But these wild markets are actually great news for you and me.

That’s because it’s not a traditional buy-and-hold environment anymore.  It’s what I call the perfect “scalping environment.”

Scalp trading is the perfect way to quickly “get in and get out” of the markets while still growing your cash.  It’s a much smarter strategy than keeping your money in a bank account earning 0.1% interest or collecting dust in a safe.

And it’s actually pretty simple.

  • It doesn’t require you to trade options, open any special accounts, or anything like that.
  • You don’t have to have too much money tied up in the market at any given time.
  • And you can use Scalp trades pretty much any day the markets are open to add hundreds, even thousands of dollars, to your bottom line.

I’ve used this trading strategy for decades to produce quick cash for both my subscribers and for myself.

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And although I never personally invest in my published recommendations, in the last three weeks alone, I’ve found 12 Scalp trade ideas for my readers… and all 12 were profitable.

If we’re entering a bear market (like I believe we are) then we’re going to see many more volatile weeks ahead.

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And to help you learn more about Scalp trading, I recently put together a presentation that tells you everything you need to know about this simple yet lucrative trading strategy. (You can watch it here).

In fact, I’d bet that if you consistently followed my Scalp ideas… you’d make more money in the next year than you’ve ever made in any market, with any style of investing.

Please take a moment to watch my presentation. I guarantee it will change the way you think about making money in the coming months.

Just remember – don’t try to ride the bear market. Scalp it instead.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark