This State Banned Many Cash Transactions

Could this be the beginning of a cashless society in America?

Exclusive Interview: Former Congressman predicts big, new capital controls coming to America

Cash is supposed to be the one thing you can use anywhere, anytime. No questions asked. But that’s not the case anymore. At least not in Louisiana. With almost no coverage in the mainstream press, the Louisiana State Senate quietly passed House Bill 195 effectively banning citizens from shopping with cash during all second-hand transactions. A “second-hand transaction” is legal jargon for transactions at places like garage sales, antique stores, flea markets, or church fundraisers.

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A Louisiana State Representative who co-authored the bill reportedly claims it targets criminals. But honest, law-abiding citizens around the country have much bigger concerns… They’re worried that “big government” wants to see where every citizen spends every penny. Is this the first step in draconian “capital controls,” in which the government dictates what you can and can’t do with your money? Joseph Salerno, of the Mises Institute, which promotes economic freedom and privacy, says:

“This troubling development in Louisiana parallels the intensification of the war on cash by the Federal government.  Last month it was reported that the U.S. Justice Department ordered bank employees to snitch to the cops on customers who withdrew $5,000 or more. In a speech, assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell exhorted banks to ‘alert law enforcement authorities about the problem’ so that police can ‘seize the funds’ or at least ‘initiate an investigation.’”

Porter Stansberry, founder of Baltimore-based Stansberry Research (one of the world’s largest independent financial research firms), says: “This is a classic move by broke and desperate governments.” Stansberry adds that: “In the next few years, these types of capital controls are going to get worse. Much worse.” In fact, Stansberry and his firm are so concerned about situations like this, they recently sat down with a 22-year Congressman to talk about what the government is likely to do next, and more importantly… What you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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In this fascinating interview, you’ll learn how and why capital controls are very likely to soon get much worse in America, and also the important #1 step you must take to prepare. You can watch this full interview or read the transcript, free of charge, right here…

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