Ron Paul Issues Surprising Warning About Gold

Suggests new way to protect yourself from a financial crisis


Things appear to be looking up in America. Stocks are higher. Unemployment is near record lows. But according to Dr. Ron Paul, one problem could bring it all crashing down.

The former U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate recently sat down with Stansberry Research, a leading independent financial research firm, to warn the American people about what is in store for our country.

He believes there’s hardly anyone in Washington who is honest about our country’s dire financial situation.

It is all smoke and mirrors— and it’s going to result in ANOTHER financial crisis, sooner than most people think.

This type of crisis could change the way we live, work, travel, retire, and invest in America — it could all change dramatically. Some of it in ways most people can’t even imagine.

Some Americans have already taken steps to prepare for another financial crisis, but as the former Congressman warned: “Buying gold and other traditional ways of protecting yourself will not be enough to prepare for what lies ahead for America.”

In the video below, Dr. Paul explains why.

Click the video below to watch…



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