New Alzheimer’s Breakthrough could be the first to Stop Disease in History

A new Phase 3 drug could end Alzheimer’s disease forever, and make some early investors an absolute fortune. Story here…

One in three Seniors will die with Alzheimer’s Dementia.

It’s the only top ten cause of death in America that can’t be slowed or stopped.

But a medical researcher with three-decades experience investigating the deadliest diseases on Earth is coming forward with a critical announcement.

Dave Lashmet has testified in front of several congressional chairmen on the future of technology in America.

He’s researched at every major facility in the country, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Cal Tech and Stanford.

And he was among the first to discover the superbug epidemic while meeting with a member from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Now Dave is stepping forward with an urgent message for anyone who’s over 50.

A new breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease is currently in Phase 3 trials and he believes there is a strong possibility preliminary results could be released very soon.

This new drug could be the first to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s in the entire history of the disease.

During clinical trials, it reduced 20 years’ worth of Alzheimer’s plaque in just 12 months.

The science behind this drug won the Nobel Prize and doctors are already referring to it as a “game changer” for Alzheimer’s patients.

The United States government and European Union have enabled this treatment to move through clinical trials quickly, so it can get into the hands of those who need it.

Not only is this the biggest health story of 2017, but millionaire investors are loading up on shares to take advantage of the potential enormous payday when the drug is finally approved.

Ray Dalio, the 26th richest person in America, has an $11 million position in the company behind this drug.

Joel Greenblatt, the Founder of Gotham Capital who achieved an average return of 40% over 20 years, has a $71 million holding.

And Eric Mindich, the youngest person to be named Partner at Goldman Sachs, has a $28 million position in the company who makes the Alzheimer’s breakthrough.

Dave Lashmet dedicated the last four years of his life researching this new treatment, speaking with neurologists, scientists, and pharmaceutical executives.

He just released a short video that explains the details of this breakthrough, the science behind why it works while other drugs have failed, and how you can become a ground floor investor before it receives final FDA approval.

Click here to view this short presentation now.




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