Big Banks Dump Major Currencies—Look What They’re Buying Instead

Big banks are dumping major currencies – what they are buying instead will surprise you. 

We’ve never seen anything like this before…

In a series of moves that’s sending shockwaves through the financial markets, more than a dozen of the world’s biggest and most powerful banks are dumping major currencies.

What they’re buying instead will surprise you.

The Wall Street Journal reported just a few weeks ago that this “shift has significant implications for markets and the global economy.”

A Forbes article added that this is: “definitely not normal.”

Why are these giant banks dumping what used to be considered “safe” currencies?

And what are they buying instead?

Well, no one’s done a better job of tracking this situation than a former hedge fund manager and PhD currency expert named Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

And Dr. Sjuggerud says that what these big banks are now doing will definitely affect you and your retirement. He also says this unique situation has created “the investment opportunity of a lifetime,” if you understand exactly what’s going on.

Recently, Dr. Sjuggerud published a full analysis of the situation.

He explains specifically what the biggest banks are buying and also the #1 way to make money based on this development over the next year.

You can check out Dr. Sjuggerud’s analysis on his website, free of charge, right here…





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