Dr. Ron Paul: The Biggest Surprise of the 2016 Presidential Election So Far

Dr. Ron Paul details what America’s next crisis will look like

In an exclusive interview, 22-year Congressman and 3-time Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul spoke out on what he believes is the biggest surprise so far in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Dr. Paul says Americans should think carefully about what this surprise means…

Because it has big implications that go far beyond the next Presidential elections.

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According to Dr. Paul, there is a troubling trend that the American people are willing to accept a candidate like Donald Trump.

But Dr. Paul is troubled by this development for reasons you might not expect…

“Even though most people look at this as being clownish and not serious at all, by studying history I understand that in times of trouble, when push comes to shove, Trump is actually the type of ‘strong man’ personality people want in a leader. And that’s scary,” said Dr. Paul.

“People get frightened and scared and they want to be taken care of. We’ve seen this happen throughout history, all over the world. And it’s happening again right now in places like Russia, Egypt, and Syria. If things deteriorate further in the United States, as I expect they certainly will, I believe somebody like Trump might do even better. And I strongly believe he will abuse the executive power.”

And this week, in a radio interview with Fox News, Dr. Paul said, “I thought at the beginning it would be impossible, but now I’m scared to death that the American people might just want to be taken care of. You can’t run a country like you run a business. They’re two entirely different things.”

So what’s in store for America’s next president, no matter who wins?

According to Dr. Paul:

“My biggest concern is the continued attack on personal civil liberties. There’s going be a continued encroachment of the people’s liberties here at home—and our own government may turn out to be our greatest threat.

“The way you live, work, travel, retire, and invest in America… everything is going to change. Some of it in ways most people do not expect. This period is going to be particularly tough on seniors and anyone relying on a fixed income, or money from the government.”

In fact, Dr. Paul is so concerned about what’s happening in our country, he recently helped put together an important analysis every American must see.

Here, Dr. Paul explains not only the biggest problems facing Americans today, but more importantly, the steps you can take personally to protect yourself, your family, and your retirement.

You may have seen Dr. Paul’s work before, but I guarantee you’ve never seen him quite like this.

Take a few minutes to check out Dr. Paul’s recent analysis, which includes the #1 Step every American should take today.

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