Drone swarms are going to be terrifying and hard to stop

Crux note: As recently as January there have been reports of “fixed-wing drones… made of plywood and loaded with explosives” attacking air bases in Syria.

And with the U.S. testing its own high-tech swarm, drone technology has the potential to create a capital boon for defense companies… and their investors.

That’s why Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig has put together a list of his favorite defense companies… each ranked as a strong “buy” today.

To view Doc’s short presentation with all the details – including how you can get instant access to these recommendations, absolutely risk-free – click here to learn more.

From The Atlantic:


As regular people purchase more drones, the small, unmanned aerial systems keep dropping in price and growing in capability. Once expensive, underpowered, remotely piloted toys with blink-of-an-eye battery life, consumer drones can now operate far more independently and for longer periods of time. They are nothing like the heavily armed fixed-wing drones such as the Reaper, which American forces have used to prosecute quiet wars across the world, but a new National Academy of Sciences report suggests that small, consumer-grade drones could be used in swarms to effectively attack American infantry with onboard bombs.

“Contrary to the past, when U.S. warfighters may have found improvised explosive devices, now the improvised explosive devices will find our warfighters,” the report concludes…

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