Doc Eifrig: These energy-efficient lightbulbs could be destroying your health

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:
A recent study from Stony Brook University in New York found CFL bulbs can cause skin cancer. CFLs have a phosphor coating on the inside that uses UV light to produce the bright white light the bulbs emit... without letting any UV rays out. But researchers found that this coating wears out over time. And in some cases, the coating gets cracked early in the life of the bulb, allowing ultraviolet radiation to escape.
Healthy skin cells experienced damage from the ultraviolet radiation emitted from these government-required CFL bulbs. On the other hand, the old incandescent bulbs caused no adverse effects on healthy cells.
Keeping the bulb behind a glass cover helps lessen the risk from CFLs. But there are safer ways to help save money on your energy bills. We've given Retirement Millionaire readers tips to save money (like using a "smart" surge protector).
The U.S. Department of Energy says replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs (or other energy-efficient lightbulbs) can save you $50 per year because CFLs use less energy and last longer. But the cancer risks of replacing all your old-fashioned light bulbs with CFLs may not be worth the savings.
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