Stop ruining your health with these popular products

From Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA, editor, Retirement Millionaire:

Stop ruining your health with antibacterial products…

The “experts” are finally catching up with us. The World Health Organization (WHO) just released a report on the real dangers of “superbugs” – drug-resistant strains of germs. According to WHO, “the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have been treatable for decades can once again kill.”

Last year, I told readers that using antibacterial soaps is one way to create superbugs. Antibiotics have similar effects…

This is one reason doctors tell patients to completely finish a round of antibiotics and not simply stop once they feel better. Stopping an antibiotic regime early gives any surviving bacteria a chance to evolve and become drug-resistant. This means life-saving drugs could eventually stop working.

But these are things you can do…

Always finish the antibiotic course your doctor gives you. Don’t share pills and don’t take antibiotics unless prescribed. And stop using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.

Your immune system is meant to take care of these things. As long as you’re relatively healthy and don’t have a compromised immune system (from something like cancer), your body can defend itself against almost anything.

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