Doc Eifrig: New research shows this easy activity is as healthy as a serious workout

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:

We’ve been claiming this all along: Walking is just as good for your heart as running.

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that walking and running similarly reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes risk. The key, according to researchers, is not how long you walk or run, but how far. People who walked the same distance as runners experienced similar health benefits. One example… walkers lowered their risk of diabetes 12.1%. Runners lowered their risk 12.3%.

Walking is one of my favorite ways to get up and get moving. In addition to making your heart healthier, walking helps prevent dementia, improves your immune system, and lessens the symptoms of depression. And it’s one of the easiest exercises to do.

I take daily walks outside when the weather is nice. If I don’t want to walk outside, I’ll hop on the treadmill with a few magazines to read.

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