Doc Eifrig: If you visit these cafes, hotels, or airports you could be putting yourself at serious risk

From Dr. David Eifrig Jr., MD, MBA, editor, Retirement Millionaire:
The next time you visit Starbucks, you could be putting your personal information at risk.
Cafes, hotels, and airports often offer free Wi-Fi (wireless Internet). I regularly see people in airports using free Internet access to pass the time. However, a hacker could also be monitoring your public access.
The U.S. government recently updated warnings on using free, public Wi-Fi. Using free Wi-Fi puts your computer at serious risk.
First, you’re logging on to a connection that isn’t secure… allowing hackers to retrieve whatever information they want from your computer.
Secondly, the connection you’re using could be a fake. Hackers can make their Wi-Fi connections look identical to a legitimate connection. If you log on to one of these, the hacker gets access to your passwords, credit card information, and other personal information.
The easiest way to protect yourself is to never use a public Wi-Fi connection. But if you’re using public Wi-Fi now… you probably don’t want to give up the convenience.
If you want to continue to enjoy sitting in a Starbucks while you work, make sure you use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs secure your Internet connection and encrypt your data.
One of the top providers is WiTopia. With plans as low as $39.99 semi-annually, all you have to do is download software to surf the web securely.
Technology blog Lifehacker has a list of well-known VPN providers. You can learn more about them and the benefits of having a VPN here.
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