Doc Eifrig: If you fly this airline, you could be getting ripped off

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:
Has Southwest Airlines stiffed you, too?
Southwest Airlines was once one of my favorite airlines for safety, reliability, and customer service. But over the past several years, the airline has gone downhill. From the usability of its website to the service on the plane, Southwest isn't what it used to be.
One example is the airline's drink-voucher policy. Prior to August 1, 2010, Southwest drink vouchers (given to reward regular flyers) were open-ended... You could use them whenever you wanted... For instance, you could collect a few for a vacation trip where you might want to have a drink or two.
No more. The airline now requires business-class passengers use the voucher on the day of the flight. Any other vouchers now expire soon after being given. This left almost 6 million drink vouchers unusable. I have at least 20 of these...
Earlier this year, Southwest agreed to settle a lawsuit regarding this policy, which could cost the company near $40 million. If you think Southwest owes you money for a drink voucher, visit You need to file a claim before September 2.
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