Doc Eifrig: Five medical exams you should almost never get

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:

Never forget… the medical industry is a business.


Despite his insistence that he’s just there to help you… your doctor isn’t just working for you. Pharmaceutical companies are paying your doctor thousands of dollars – hundreds of thousands, in some cases – to push their drugs. Allergan, for example, paid one Florida doctor more than $160,000.


This is a serious conflict of interest. And it’s contributing to an epidemic of overtreatment.


Worse… many doctors know they’re overtreating patients. A 2011 survey found 28% of doctors say they treat patients too aggressively. Only 6% think their patients don’t receive enough medical care.


This doesn’t surprise me… I worked in the industry for years…

After I left Wall Street, I went to medical school and became a board-eligible eye surgeon. I’ve done research for peer-reviewed studies. (You can even find me in PubMed, the National Institutes of Health’s clearinghouse for medical research.) I saw this overtreatment firsthand.


Of course, not all medications are useless… and some medical exams are critical. (I note above an important reason to test for anemia.) But some commonly prescribed exams are harming your health more than helping it. And they’re wasting your hard-earned time and money.


What can you do? Without spending hours doing research, how do you know whether to follow your doctor’s advice to get whatever “oscopy” or “ostomy” he’s recommending?


To help you, my research team and I have created a list of medical exams you should avoid. The five exams we chose:


Prostate Specific Antigen test

Carotid Artery Stenosis screening

Pancreatic Cancer test

Peripheral Artery Disease screening

Dental X-Rays


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