Daylight saving is expensive and horrible…

From Forbes:

I grew up in one of a handful of admittedly sun-drenched US places that don’t observe Daylight Saving Time, but the cycle of ‘Spring Forward, Fall Back’ (a phrase apparently first used by the Los Angeles Examiner) still had an impact. Twice a year, for up to a few weeks, people needed a couple extra seconds before scheduling their VCRs or long-distance calls to remember what time the rest of the country thought it was lately.

Thanks to the latest data on changing our clocks, however (plus years of experiencing it firsthand), I can now confirm that the cost of living under DST is far greater than sitting it out. After 100 years of US observance, and decades of confusion about DST’s purpose and origin, it’s also evident that much of the country, and indeed most of the world, is ready to quit while we’re ahead.

According to a growing body of research, the benefits of DST remain debatable, but the downsides have become far more clear…

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