Stansberry Investor Hour: Could this ‘Jubilee’ wipe out your debts?

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Porter and Buck welcome special guest Erez Kalir, CEO and co-founder of Stansberry Asset Management. Erez gives you three big thematic ideas that he sees playing out in the markets right now…and how to take advantage of them. Porter discusses his “Jubilee” prediction and the possibility of a massive debt restructuring in America. Erez shares the sharpest question a prospective investor has ever asked him during the brutal 2008 downturn, and Porter reveals a “max yield” strategy in the mailbag in response to a listener’s question.

Crux note: In the latest episode, value investor Dan Ferris discusses how Wal-Mart could still beat Amazon in the retail space. You can check out this week’s edition of Stansberry Investor Hour on iTunes right here.

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