Cohen leaker: ‘I immediately became concerned… I came forward’

From ZeroHedge:

Journalist Ronin Farrow is back with another bombshell report – this time from the person who leaked Michael Cohen’s banking records, detailing “pay for play” type payments from the likes of Novartis and AT&T.

In short: The leaker, law enforcement official, became alarmed after two “suspicious-activity reports” (SARs) filed by Cohen’s bank, First Republic, went missing from a the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) that he leaked the rest.

And instead of going to the Treasury’s Inspector General, or special counsel Robert Mueller, the leaker chose porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti, who published the remaining SARs on Cohen (along with two other men named “Michael Cohen” wrongly included in the disclosure)…

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