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"Civil forfeiture": A follow-up to one of the most terrifying stories of the year so far

From Carpe Diem:
Here’s a summary below (and video above) of the Institute for Justice’s latest legal case – this one is against the federal government for its abusive, unwarranted use of civil forfeiture laws to seize all of the money in the bank account of a small, family-owned grocery store near Detroit:

For more than 30 years, Terry Dehko has successfully run a grocery store in the Detroit suburb of Fraser, Michigan, with his daughter Sandy.


In January 2013, without warning, the federal government used civil forfeiture to seize all of the money from the Dehkos' store bank account (more than $35,000) even though they've done absolutely nothing wrong.


Their American Dream is now a nightmare.


Federal civil forfeiture law features an appalling lack of due process: It empowers the government to seize private property from Americans without ever charging, let alone convicting, them of a crime. Perversely, the government then pockets the proceeds while providing no prompt way to get a court to review the seizure.


On September 25, 2013...

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