Steve Sjuggerud says you’re wrong about China

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Steve Sjuggerud – editor of the True Wealth China Opportunities investment advisory – joins Buck this week to break down the mixed messages you’ve been seeing on China’s economy, proposed U.S. trade tariffs, and why “Trump’s China” is based on an outdated perception and vastly different from reality in Beijing. Steve tells you the one thing that matters most when it comes to investing in China’s markets, and why the trade war volatility is presenting a unique investment opportunity. Steve tells you the easiest way for foreign investors to get exposure to local Chinese stock markets.

Author and Daily Beast columnist Gordon Chang joins the conversation to tell you why a China trade war has been coming for quite some time. Buck asks Gordon if China is in a better trade negotiation position than the U.S., and whether or not President Xi Jinping’s communist leadership will fall in line with U.S. requests on intellectual property. Will a crisis of confidence in China put a damper on its hyper growth policies?

A listener writes in with a timely question about China’s aspiration to become a more relevant player in global currency markets. Does it make a difference to the U.S., Europe, and Japan if China pushes the yuan as a reserve currency?

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