A letter from a "cyber terrorist" every American should read

From Liberty Blitzkrieg:
For those unfamiliar with Jeremy Hammond, he is the 28-year-old web developer accused of hacking Stratfor and subsequently leaking the information to Wikileaks.
For this, he faces a 30-years-to-life sentence. Jeremy is currently being held without bail at the Manhattan Correctional Center, a federal jail in lower Manhattan in solitary confinement.
Incredibly, the federal judge who is hearing his case, Lorraine Preska, has refused to step aside despite the fact that her husband was a victim in the hack Hammond is accused of. Now that's a justice system!
Hammond recently penned a letter from solitary in which he discusses the rampant corruption in the criminal justice system, the very dangerous Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), and the tragic death of Aaron Swartz.
His character really comes through in the fact that he barely discusses his own case, despite the awful situation he finds himself in. So without further ado, below is his entire letter...
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