Government Stupidity

A hilarious take on the giant new Homeland Security complex


From Doug Casey in The Casey Report:

More interesting [than ABC's Homeland Security television show], and much more disturbing, is the fact that Homeland Security has gained approval to build its new headquarters in southeast Washington, DC, on the site of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. The facility is supposed to house about 25,000 employees - about the same number that populate the Pentagon. And since the grounds for the project cover about 400 acres, it will have room to expand for many years. Which it will undoubtedly do.

Once a bureaucracy gets a permanent home like this, it’s basically game over. The Pentagon, the world’s largest office building, was commissioned in July 1941 - oddly, five months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, which came as a surprise to the personnel on site. It marked the birth and guaranteed the institutionalization of the military-industrial complex. The new Homeland Security complex will be analogous.

It’s entirely appropriate that St. Elizabeth’s has previously always been a federal hospital for the insane.

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