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A fact about the minimum wage liberals don't want you to know

From Carpe Diem:

According to BLS data, there were almost 4 million teenagers (16 to 19 year olds) working in 2001.
Q: Of those 3.936 million working teenagers in 2011, how many and what percent were earning more than the minimum wage?
A: More than 3 million (3.037 million) teenagers, and more than three out of every four (77.2%) were earning an hourly wage higher than the legally-mandated minimum wage.
Bottom Line: I think this fact runs counter the narrative about how millions of adults are struggling to work full-time and raise a family, but are stuck in jobs that pay only the minimum wage, which then justifies regular increases in the minimum wage to "help the poor."
The fact that a large majority of teenagers earn more than the minimum wage would suggest the minimum wage is mostly...
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