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A controversial theory explains why gold is no longer rising

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From Gonzalo Lira:
Why isn't gold higher?
Two of the three reserve currencies of the world – the dollar and the yen – are on a relentless race to the bottom, and only recently have the Europeans figured out that they'd better start kicking the euro down, before they price themselves out of the global markets.
With this general fiat currency devaluation, you would think that gold would be much, much higher than it is now.
But gold isn't higher – it's drifting...
Gold was on a relentless climb after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – with good reason: The markets collectively deduced that the central banks of the world would devalue their currencies, in order to get out from under the mountain of private, consumer, and sovereign debt.
Individuals might have decided to buy gold for different reasons – a hedge against volatile equities markets, worries about a run on sovereign debt instruments, etc. – but collectively the market participants all acted the same way: They bought gold as a hedge...
Thus the steady climb in the price of gold from $750 to $1900 in a little less than three years.
So far, so good.
But then starting in September of 2011, gold prices zoned out between $1,900 and $1,600. Instead of continuing on to $2,000 an ounce, $3,000, Infinity and Beyond, gold just drifted... 
Gold has not outperformed anything since September 2011.
The conspiracy-minded claim it's a conspiracy...
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