10 years after Lehman’s collapse, these are the big lessons…

From MarketWatch:

The S&P 500 these days is dilly-dallying just below last month’s all-time high.

But if you zoom out, it’s a more impressive picture, with the stock benchmark up 141% since Lehman’s bankruptcy on Sept. 15, 2008.

And that watershed moment for the global financial crisis seems like the topic du jour.

“Everyone is reflecting upon the 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy filing,” writes JonesTrading’s Mike O’Rourke.

While there’s going to be scads of anniversary commentary, it’s right to look back and learn, says Josh “The Reformed Broker” Brown. “None of it is extraneous or tedious in my opinion. We have to remember it, the people, the details, the opinions, the turning points,” Brown writes.

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